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Re: [ST:ID] Marcus vs. Harrison's plans *SPOILERS*

1. Khan planned to smuggle his crew off Earth, Vengeance was almost completed and would most likely steal it and either A) attack Earth or B) just run.

2. Marcus found out about the pods and Khan panicked, so he went rogue.
-STiD begins-
3. The London bombing occurs shortly after (I figure this happens about two weeks after), Khan, using Mickey Smith, destroys the Section 31 base.
4. The captains of the home fleet are recalled to HQ for a meeting, as planned. Khan attacks, he steals the transwarp beaming unit because he knows he will be shot down.
5. Marcus, an uber warhawk, uses the knowledge of Khans location to kill three birds with one stone, start a war with the Klingons, kill Khan and his crew, and get rid of Kirk. So he sends Kirk to kill him with the torpedos. Now this is the confusing part for me, if the fuel components of the torpedoes were removed for the cryotubes, how did Marcus expect for Kirk to kill Khan UNLESS Marcus' plan was for Kirk to fire the torps, the torps to fail but it wouldn't matter since the Enterprise would be stuck on either edge of the Neutral Zone (more than likely on the Klingon side), the Klingons would find them, blast them to a million pieces, Marcus would have his war, Kirk would be dead, Khan's crew would be dead, and Khan would be stranded on Kronos. But that's all conjecture.

Now the entire mission takes place over about three days. 2259.55 (the day of the bombing) is Febuary, 24th 2259, that's a Thursday. So they leave Friday morning for Kronos. I figure they leave at around 0900 (if anybody who lives in San Fransisco can clarify and guess what time it is). They get to Kronos (or they are forcefully dragged out of warp) at around noon, one o'clock. Now, Sulu says that Kronos is twenty minutes away at sublight, so they take Mudd's ship. After landing I figure the battle took as much time as it did on screen. Khan realizes that his crew is safe on the Enterprise so he surrenders, knowing that he can use Kirk to get back to Earth and steal the Vengeance and return to his original plan.

When Kirk signals back to Earth that he has "Harrison" Marcus has an "Oh shit!" moment. So he orders the crew to the Vengeance. Now the Enterprise is still disabled and Marcus knows that, so he still has some time. It's about 1430 hours now. Kirk has his first conversation with Khan at about the same time. After which, Kirk calls Scott at around 1900. Carol and Bones went down to the planetoid the next day (Saturday the 26th) around 0800. They came back a little while later, let's say 0830. Scotty probable sobered up a bit and stole a shuttle at around 0400. Carol and Bones take the torp apart by about 1030. Scott reaches Jupiter by about the same time. Vengeance departs around 1100 for the two or three hour trip to Kronos. From the "welding team" comment I can infer that she is complete but only just, she's a one-off or so prototype similar to the Yamato and Musashi. Khan knows Marcus is coming and when Vengeance drops out of warp on top of the Enterprise (at around 1300), Khan knows who to tell that the Enterprise is not safe. Carol.

jumps away, Enterprise is quicker than Vengeance but Vengeance is faster, so she catches up with Enterprise and begins pounding her (they return to Earth orbit at around 1530). At this point Marcus knows he will not get his war but that he can get rid of Kirk and Khan, until Scotty disables the ship. Khan sees the oppurtunity that he's been waiting for, he can grab the Vengeance, grab his crew and blast Starfleet to pieces. Khan knew Kirk didn't trust him, now I don't know if Khan ever trusted Kirk, but his stunning did push him over the edge. After Khan killed Papa Marcus, and Kirk and co are beamed back, Khan began to lay waste to Enterprise until the torpedoes detonated.

Thus begins the Fall, Enterprise was already on her way back to Earth I assume after the torpedo detonation, her power fails at around 1600, the fall takes thirty minutes, she regains control around 1630 hours. Kirk dies. Khan, not giving a fuck, targets Starfleet itself, more than likely planning to kill everyone or worse. Vengeance impacts San Fransisco around 1645. She comes to a halt at around 1650. Spock beams down shortly after. Khan and Spock fight, Uhura beams down at around 1700.

Two weeks later (Stardate 2259.69, March 11, 2259) Kirk wakes up. Enterprise is in dry-dock for repairs. Let's say a year exactly after the entire debacle, Stardate 2260.55, Friday February 24, 2260, Enterprise departs for her five year mission.

This was completely off the top of my head, it's a mess, please contribute and edit.
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