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Exactly. How anyone could interpret it any other way is beyond me.
Well, they were in DIRECT contact for the last (seemed like) hours of the movie during the fight scene. So, because Superman was "brought up" different; to avoid conflict, he let the city be destroyed and presumably thousands of humans be killed? Really? Maybe this movie is worse than I thought!! What made him change his mind? I guess I'm too stupid to "get it."
Let's see. When he first fought them in Smallville he was outnumbered.

Then when he finally fought Zod one-on-one he had just finished using almost every ounce of his strength and will to destroy the world builder on the other side of the planet which was recreating a Kryptonian environment and weakening him.

And oh yeah, by the time he got to Metropolis the other world builder had already pretty much done almost all of the damage to the city already. It would have been much greater had he not stopped the aforementioned world builder on the other side of the planet.

I guess you are right! Well done!
No need to be snarky. If it was that easy (physically) for Superman to break Zod's neck; why didn't Zod or any of the others just break Superman's neck during any part of the (very long) epic battle? That resolve just doesn't ring true to me; sorry. I'm glad you guys liked it. Honestly I loved the first part of the story; it was solid writing (except the tornado scene which was not good at all) but I thought the end was a bit ridiculous. That's just my opinion however.
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