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Re: Paula Dean fired for being a racist

The whole thing is just rather bizarre. She's involved in a lawsuit involving discrimination and then goes on the national media to apologize for her racist statements---wtf? She must have the WORST legal representation and management EVER.
Actually, her attorney probably gave her good advice.

From what I understand, during a deposition in the lawsuit she was asked while under oath if she ever used the word. Not wanting to pull a Bill Clinton and commit perjury she told the truth. The transcript leaked out and so she apologized.

Yeah, it got her fired and may have hurt the lawsuit. But that's loads better than getting hit with a felony charge.

Furthermore, an attorney that advises a client to lie under oath is subject to being a disbarred for suborning perjury.

As such, I can't see how anyone can say she got bad legal advice.
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