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Re: Should Chakotay have been more of a "bad ass"

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Well the problem with Chakotay not differentiating himself from Janeway is a microcosm of the whole dynamic of the Maquis and Starfleet crew members. They were too similar. Hell, most of the former Maquis were former Starfleet officers, who were drummed out or left on their own for one reason or another.
This is why I thought the Maquis weren't the best choice for the Second Crew to begin with, because there wasn't enough reason for there to be extended conflict between the Feds and Maquis. Especially since the main reason for their conflict (The DMZ and the Cardassians) was now 75 years away.

Using the Romulans, or even having a chunk of the crew now be DQ aliens they got at the Array, would've worked better.

Now, with Chakotay in particular, he had a lot of potential, but it was wasted. First off, he was from some unnamed generic native American tribe. They should have made him of a real tribe with real traditions. Instead, we got a mish mash of all kinds of tribes. When they made his tribe descended from aliens, it just cheapened his Native American heritage that much more.
Either they shouldn't have made him a Fleeter to begin with, or just dropped the whole "Native American" thing.

Second, I also agree he should have been more like a toned down Edington, and Janeway and Chakotay should have had a history of being enemies prior to being stranded.
I considered that, but I thought a nice dynamic would've been for her to be younger and for him to be more a mentor figure to her before she gets it together any becomes the respected Captain.

IE, when he joined the Maquis no one knew and no one had ever seen him so his reserve file was still active in Starfleet systems. When Janeway became Captain by default she didn't have the access codes that her rank allowed to access everything on Voyager, but Chakotay's old Reserve file rank did allow him to. So they'd work together because he'd be the first to realize they HAVE to cooperate.

The conflict would be them vs the Fleeters who don't think an unpromoted Janeway can handle being their leader and the Maquis who think Chak sold out.
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