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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Ah ok - apologies if I used confusing terminology again - I meant swapping gender rather than gender roles, obviously as an interesting mental exercise
There's nothing interesting about that mental exercise, especially since it would mean Captain Jenny Kirk is having a threesome with two male caitians around the time Pike calls her to the carpet.

And lest you pull the "double standard" card, I'll again remind you of the issue with recognizable gender roles in western society: men are expected to apply huge effort and creativity to acquire as many sexual partners as possible and women are expected to choose partners only from those who DISPLAY the most creativity and most effective effort. This is routed in evolution more firmly than it is in culture, and playing this trope in reverse -- with the woman in the sexually aggressive/pursuer role -- would be detrimental to the credibility of both the character and the writers who created her.

Which is why I mentioned the difference between gender and GENDER ROLES. You continue to be obsessed with numbers -- representation, quotas, percentages -- and are entirely indifferent to the nature of that representation, the implications of gender roles, the dynamics of the relationships between men and women in a working/personal relationship. You are, in other words, advocating the PRACTICE of affirmative action without having any concept whatsoever what affirmative action is supposed to accomplish.

It offends me when a qualified character gets bumped to make way for one of the big 3
Then you should probably stop watching Star Trek, because that particular practice has been the basic premise of almost every Trek episode in history. "We have a crew of 400 people on board, most of whom are qualified specialists in their field with years of experience, so of course the Captain, the first officer, the ship's doctor and two random security officers will be part of every away team."
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