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Not sure how I feel about the MACOS becoming Starfleet Security (I'm still sticking with a 'Starfleet Marine Corps' idea - I've always viewed Security as exclusively shipbound security guards, not front line troops) but otherwise, it's great.
Firstly, I agree with you that Marines/Ground Troops and shipboard security are two completely different animals. They may have some parts of their respective skill sets in common, but wildly different missions, and it only makes sense that they would be two distinctly different groups. I would think that the MACO forces (as well as equivilent forces of the other founding members of the UFP (andorians, tellarites, etc.) would have been the nucleus of what eventually became the UFMC, or whatever better title there might be for them. Shipboard security personnel continued to be shipboard security personnel, doomed to wear red shirts a hundred years later.

But, I think if there were such forces, wouldn't they be more properly called the United Federation Marine Corps (UFMC)? Calling them the Starfleet Marines would be like calling the current day USMC the Navy Marine Corps. (Go find yourself a Marine and see how far that flys with him...better yet, don't.)
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