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Re: Brannon Braga: Not a Diane Carey Fan?

I don't think Lt. Stiles and Capt. Styles behaved anything alike. Sure, they were both antagonists, but they came at it from entirely different directions. The lieutenant's hostility came from a sense of victimhood -- the memory of all his ancestors who died at Romulan hands and the desire for retaliation against the race he'd been raised to hate and fear. Captain Styles, by contrast, acted the way he did out of a sense of entitlement and privilege, the smug condescension and complacency of a Peter Principle beneficiary who's used to having things go his way. They could hardly be more different. Lt. Styles is like a pre-"Duet" Major Kira, while Capt. Styles is more like early Dr. Bashir.
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