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It all comes down to a question of how long you're prepared to wait I guess - personally, I've been enjoying these discs since release in 2009. YMMV of course, but I've always had an "enjoy it now" type outlook - fully aware of the transitory nature of home video formats! I would estimate Blu-ray Disc is minimally halfway into its lifecycle already!
^ I see this as a fundamental truth. And it seems as if technology is progressing now as such a rapid rate, every format is likely to be surpassed by "the next big thing" a lot quicker than the formats that preceeded them. DVD was a slow burn really. It took the best part of ten years (and it was really TV-on-DVD that sold it to people, not the lure of owning movies) for it to even begin making an impact on the broader market. In my view Blu-Rays are already facing stiff competition from the likes of online services and other digital methods of watching/owning movies... I don't expect they'll have the shelf life that DVDs did, even taking into account that Blu Ray has been around for a while now already...

I'm such an old codger though, I like owning something I can sit on a shelf and admire. Digital downloads are more convenient, but they aren't nearly as satisfying.
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