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Re: First Contact was a reimagining of TNG

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FC made changes to TNG in the same kind of way WoK made changes to TOS. The changes are far more noticable in this early script, which features the Enterprise as an armed-to-the-teeth battleship, Troi as communications officer and a bridge where all consoles face inward, toward the captain.
Though of course that script is also more faithful in some respects to the series in terms of characterisations, with Picard on Earth with Cochrane and Ruby, and Riker on the Enterprise doing the action stuff with Worf and Data. Patrick Stewart I think asked for their roles to be switched, because the captain should be in the thick of the action.

Other parts of that first draft are way off, like the way Starfleet is depicted. IIRC during the spacewalk scene, Riker and Worf pivot a torpedo launcher around and blow up the deflector dish. The stuff about "phaser batteries" seems really out of place, though the Borg-busting quantum torpedoes would be revisited years later for Voyager's finale. There are also some scenes totally lifted from Aliens, which were cut or altered.
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