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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

What you see here is an x-ray view of the craft showing the basic shape of the interior. The interior isn't finished yet because there has to be an elevated platform for the cockpit or the viewport would be totally useless (too high). So I want to add an elevated platform, a master control console and a couple of chairs. I might also add a few other bits to the interior. The lower aft area would be taken up by the impulse engines while the under deck area would be most of the rest of the ship's systems. The upper aft area as well as the bulk of the bow would be crammed with various sensors and analytical equipment.

It is a standing interior although the access hatch might require you to duck a little. But you can clearly see I've scaled the ship down. The original TAS version was huge and the access hatch was easily two-thirds to a half the size of mine proportionately to the rest of the ship.

This gives you a sense of scale. The crewman is about 5'-10".

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