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Re: F1 2013 Championship

True, an all British podium would be awesome, but closing the gap in the points is more important in the long run. Di Resta is overdue a podium though, so maybe that podium I suggested with Di Resta instead of Webber would be the best result (with Webber in fourth and Vettel DNF).

Have you heard the sound clip of the 2014 Renault engine yet? Maybe the recording is a big crap (or maybe the rig they ran it in isn't representative of how it would sound in a car), but it doesn't sound good at all anyway. Very dull and lifeless. Of course nothing will top the sound of the high-revving V10s (and to a lesser extent, the V8s) that we've got used to over the last couple of decades, but even the 80s turbo engines sound better than the new one, so it's not the turbo or lower revs that are bothering me. Maybe a better quality clip will change my mind.

Anyway, watching Le Mans right now
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