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Re: What if Ezri Dax was a male?

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Or maybe they just don't give the symbiont to anyone else. I don't remember now.
Erza being implanted with the Dax symbote was a emergency situation, Dax would have died prior to arriving on Trill if not implanted in someone, anyone.

Ezra (iirc) wasn't in the symbote program and didn't receive the training.

Oh, ok, makes more sense now. I must have not been paying attention there. ^_^
Well, IMHO,the whole thing of Ezri coming back to DS9 was weak writing from the start. Every other Trill who is joined with a symbiote is supposed to start a new life far away from their former host's life. Technically it was a stretch with Jadzia serving under Sisko in the first place. I think they should have had the courage to just kill off Dax completely.

And as to the emergency transfer to Ezri, I call BS. Riker had one for over a week, and they were able to remove the symbiote without killing him, and he wasn't even a Trill. Ezri surely could have had Dax removed without killing her.

Slightly off topic: Many talks about how Star Trek missed the boat on LGBT issues with Trills and could have done more with them, and IMHO they did. But another controversial topic they missed was that of abortions. What happens when a Trill is joined with a symbiote when they feel they have no choice or change their mind? More specifically, what if Ezri wanted to abort Dax?
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