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Re: ENT Caption Contest #89: Substitution

T'Pol: I had no idea you are also a proctologist.

Malcom: What are we doing here, really. It's not like we ran out of places to play hide&seek with T'Pol.
Trip: No, but remember, the last time we hid in cargobay a we tripped over that marsupial droppings.

Archer: There! You see that? We're getting the Blue Screen of Death again. I told you not to install Windows 27 on our computer.
Hoshi: I'm sorry captain, it's the best we could find in such a short notice. The Vulcans are blocking our torrents again.

Archer: Now I heard Borgs are supposed to have mechanical parts, but this is just pathetic. How are they supposed to impress any lady with that?

Phlox: I'm sorry commander but I still don't understand the human physiology. Are you saying that even though you're a male, deep inside you feel like a woman?
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