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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

It's amusing to see you twist and turn to make STID seem like a sexist movie, but excuse the character-assassination scene in TMP.

In the end, I think you (and that includes everyone who thinks STID is sexist) are the sexist here, not Abrams and Co. Alice Eve knew what the script demanded her character to do on camera. She wasn't forced to be in that movie. She obviously didn't have a problem doing that scene.
The people who complain about the underwear-scene deny her her own good judgement and ability to decide what she wants to do.
Do you think if Alice Eve had thought that scene to be sexist she would have done it?
The woman stripping down had no problem doing so.
Unless you think you know better for her, all you "sexist"-screamers should just shut up and let women today do what they want to do.
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