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A small list of recommendations for you along with an explanation as to why,

Spock's World - In your earliest posts you mention a specific interest in novels focusing on Kirk and Spock if my recollection is correct. Spock's World is one of the best Vulcan centered novels ever, and it dovetails nicely with the idea presented in the movies you've seen, that Vulcan's have emotions, very strong emotions, which they manage very carefully.

Best Destiny - While I have not heard any confirmation of this theory, given that this novel involves a troubled headstrong young man named Jim Kirk, I would not be surprised in the least to learn that it was an influence on the way that Nu-Kirk was written.

Ex-Machina - You will already have encountered the title when you looked up Mr. Bennett's bibliography. I can tell you that it was one of the novels that the creators of Nu-Trek looked at to inform their portrayal of the characters (this was confirmed by Mr. Bennett in another thread) and I can tell you that it stands in my collection right next to Spock's World as one of the best in depth looks at both Spock and the Vulcan people ever.

Doctor's Orders - Another novel from the author of Spock's World. To put it simply, Kirk gets tired of McCoy's bitching and moaning and decides to give him a taste of command. It being Trek, needless to say unexpected circumstances develop.

Anyway, the above list is needless to say not exhaustive, but I hope it will give you a place to start. Ultimately wherever your literary wanderings take you, you are in for some fun times. Given how interconnected Trek is I hope you will in time explore the wider range available.

After all it ranges from decades before TOS (and Nu-Trek) with Enterprise and novels bridging the gap between it and TOS, to decades afterwards with The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager.

Happy Reading.
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