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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

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Roddenberry wrote the lyrics so that he could get half the royalties from the sheet music sales. They were never intended for any other purpose.
To clarify, Roddenberry didn't just collect royalties from the sale of the theme music's sheet music -- he collected fifty percent of all the royalties related to the Star Trek theme music, including performance royalties.

Wouldn't that mean also that Roddenberry and Courage would get royalties ANYTIME the Star Trek theme was even QUOTED throughout the score music composed by the other composers?? Bit and pieces of the main theme get quoted all the time, as we all know. But surely the royalties on the opening and closing themes are the highest.

I am an ASCAP member myself, but I believe lyric music pays far higher royalties than instrumental music. I'm glad Roddenberry was able to make such an arrangement, despite its evident overtness. I'm sure the royalties from the music helped sustain him through the lean years of the 70s.

It's funny, I have scanned Fred Steiner's large article "Music for Star Trek -- Scoring a Television Show in the Sixties" and I found no mention of the lyrics or the royalties in the Star Trek theme.

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