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Re: Normal life on Earth

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We now know they drive cars rather than beaming anywhere. They don't even take public transportation which is disappointing. The sick kid's parents live in a normal looking home with a real alarm clock. I couldn't tell amongst all the destruction if there were shops or anything.

I'd like to know if anyone noticed anything else. It came off to me like any other future Earth from Back to the Future 2 or Demolition Man or I, Robot. Nothing particularly trekian. Where was the public sex? That's what Gene would've wanted.
Gene Roddenberry was a visionary and a deeply progressive man in many areas. He also was lying his butt off in his claims he had one singular vision which didn't change or evolve over the years. Likewise, what we know of as Star Trek, has been shaped by hundreds of writers over the years as well as the actors themselves.

JJ Abrams chose to emphasize this is *OUR* world in the future and a not terribly distant future at that. I appreciated that.
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