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Re: a defining Spock moment

Good discussion, Trekkies. The essence of the words "Unknown, Captain"-- so simple, so elegant. It's the reason why God was invented. The words correspond very well with a quiet Universe full of distant stars.

As for the arrogance of scientists, I recommend "Knowledge or Certainty" from the Ascent of Man (book and TV series) by Jacob Bronowski.

"Science is a very human form of knowledge. We are always at the brink of the known; we always feel forward for what is to be hoped. Every judgment in science stands on the edge or error, and is personal. Science is a tribute to what we *can* know although we are fallible. In the end, the words were said by Oliver Cromwell: "I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ: Think it possible you may be mistaken."

~ Mister Atoz
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