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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x21 "Peak Performance"

I love this episode. My #2 of the season behind Q Who. Ignoring the clip show, it's quite the strong conclusion. Good episode for Riker, Worf, and Data. Wesley was a git with his cheating though.

It was nice seeing the Constellation-class model again. I love the kitbash history behind it. It has parts from Enterprise, Gundam and Battleship Yamato models. I wish they used that model more often. I think it was used a total of 4 times in TNG. I saw the model at a recent Star Trek exhibit, and the Hathaway name is still visible underneath the Valkyrie (an injoke) name it has now.

I like the two Strategema games. The ultimate conclusion is a nice parallel to Wargames - "the only winning move is not to play." In this case, the way to "win" is not to play to win.
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