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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

This is the raw model (before rendering) pretty much done. I am working on a rudimentary interior even though you'd be able to see next to nothing, but at least it will give me something of a start when/if I get around to doing 2D cross sections of this.

I had actually felt a bit daunted before tackling this design because of some of its unusual shapes, but it actually came off a lot easier then I had thought it would. Hmm, maybe I'm actually starting get the hang of this.

Anyway, I'm learning a lot and becoming more comfortable with SketchUp. It will make future models easier and particularly when I remake my version of the TAS scoutship.

Despite its size there isn't meant to be a whole lot of room inside this craft. It could often be manned by only two people although it could be fitted to accommodate four. It's essentially a flying laboratory/probe crammed with equipment to study extreme environments up close. On the TAS onscreen version there was something of a sensor dish thingy on the front which I thought looked awkward. So I rationalized that you could have swappable components depending on the mission profile. On my design I put more of a spar looking type of attachment. Also I've allowed for mission specific components to be attached at two other points on the hull. One point is that whitish rectangular panel on the sloping upper aft hull and the other is under the bow just rearward of the forward landing strut.
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