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Re: Babylon 5 20th Anniversary: Visual Celebration Book!

Publishing 180, in the past, has printed artwork from the likes of Luc Mayrand in things such the Crusade books – including putting examples on the cover. When I was chatting to him about it (basically congratulating him that some of the work was finally being published), he hadn’t even heard of the Crusade books!

As best as he can figure the artwork probably came from a small booklet he printed out years ago as a gift to jms – and those rummaging around in jms’s old locker or whatever it was came across it. Ironically, Luc's only concern was the quality of the scans and wished they’d contacted him so he could have provided better quality copies.

Haven’t spoke to him about this book, but going by the descriptions under the sketches of Lorien's ship it’s pretty obvious whoever wrote that has never spoken to Luc, or if they have, they weren’t paying attention.

Here’s a link to the Lorien ship screen over on B5Scrolls, where Luc describes what was going on with the design – Pontiac feathers, playing around with sacred and ancient cultural iconography - to reflect the ancient and mystic characteristics of Lorien in the design of the vessel.

Here’s a link showing what’s in the book. Where the author is banging on about fish, crustaceans and organic elements. You don’t need to be logged into facebook to read it.

It’s like reading something from B5Tech, very authoritative sounding but at the end of the day it’s just the authors personal opinions! I guess it all depends how important you feel that sort of thing is in a book like this. Though I’ve only looked at one set of concept sketches, maybe the rest of the book doesn’t suffer from the same issue.

It’s very much a just a personal opinion that’s likely not to go down too well with some.

But considering all the hoopla jms has made over the years about being screwed by Warner, the legal and moral ownership of an artists work, credits, protection, suitable payments etc. it's unfortunate that for years books written by jms or otherwise sold under the banner of “Babylon 5 Books From Creator Straczynski” have quietly included work from artists that don’t even know their sketches are being used. . . .
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