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Re: Smallville’s Sears, Kensington’s Wal-Mart

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I think having real stores, restaurants and products lends to the reality of the world they're portraying.
There should be no realism argument since this movie is about an alien that looks like a human that is flying around. It's not trying to be realistic in the first place.
But you want to ground it in as much reality as possible. Using known stores, restaurants and products helps to do that.

You want the world to be recognizable.
I have zero problem with big brand names in the background, just not in my face for something like 5 minutes straight. Luckily, the big brand names remained mostly in the background in MOS.

Smallville was the worst with product placement, that show actually had the plot of one episode revolve (Season Seven's Hero) around Stride gum with one chararcter getting powers because of eating the gum, and also characters showing up a Stride gum factory. That would be in your face advertising.

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