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Re: Any way to get "eBook Only" releases in paper form?

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All versions of the ebooks have DRM which prevents them from being printed.

Someday they may appear in "dead tree" editions, but we have no way of knowing when.

It is possible to read ebooks in a browser window or in a dedicated app on most PCs or Macs. Kindle for PC is useful when I want to read one of my ebooks on my PC.
Yeah, I don't read my eBook-only releases on a tablet (or even my phone), only on my laptop. Works pretty well, since these aren't long stories, so you won't be looking at your screen for that long.

But yeah, there's no way for you to legally get eBook-only release in paper form until and unless a publisher decides to do it for you.

I'm moving into territory that's less my field at this point, but my understanding is that the costs of printing and production are only manageable when they can be sure that they'll sell enough copies. Most eBook-only releases thus far have either been too short or too niche-y for that to be practical. (Though they seem to be upping the number of eBooks lately; eventually, I would bet on us seeing a reprint. But not for a long time.)
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