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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

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Remember that Marion Cotillard lied and said she wasn't playing Talia in TDKR in her interviews.
But that's because her character's identity was a secret within the film itself. It's not an analogous situation.

SONY might have told her to deny it because of some of the negative reactions. We won't know for certain until the movie is released.
That's really kind of paranoid. They'd have to be incredibly inept at PR to replace Woodley with Gadon, release a false story about MJ being cut out altogether, then reveal the next day that Gadon was playing MJ, then try to walk that back by claiming she was playing someone else. That seems like just making things worse for themselves for no reason. It's far, far more likely that, because the news about Gadon's participation in the film came out around the same time as the unrelated news about Woodley's part being cut, someone in the perpetual game of telephone that is the Internet misinterpreted the two news items as being connected, or thought she looked right for the part and jumped to a conclusion.

Gadon herself has now tweeted to confirm that she's playing a different character in the film:
To all those a twitter, I will not be playing MJ in Spider-Man. I have a role in the film, but it is not that one
(same link as above, just updated yet again)
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