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Re: One particular SPOILER from The Name of the Doctor

Yeah the more I think about it the "Hurt" Doctor feels like he may have been the man the Doctor was before he was the Doctor and why as the Doctor he's basically been "running" from it all this time. I'm thinking he did something "in the name of peace" that was so horrible and yet maybe so necessary that it shook him so much perhaps he even attempted to take his own life - BUT he regenerated into Hartnell (maybe as a much younger man - I mean who's to say that Hartnell's Doctor didn't live a very very long life as it was, establishing his reputation as the Doctor. After all, he knew he would regenerate. Why should Hartnell be the '1st' Doctor that we just happened to be following for the past 50 years. And really when you think about it - the Doctor has been doing this only for about 50 years - if we're to take all his other adventures as happening in real time sorta. Granted as a time traveler he could have spent centuries in one place, but from a "civilian" POV - the Blue Police box and the companions that followed the Doctor started in the 60s. Allegedly. We've never seen or heard of him taking on true 'companions' or 'assistants' and after all the 1st Doctor had a "Granddaughter" which is still leaving me to believe that he had spent a very long time either as Hartnell or... this 'not the Doctor, Doctor." that Hurt is - and the family came from him. Maybe the wife he had his granddaughter from (and presumably a daughter lol) was killed or he killed her because she was going all 'Master'
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