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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

I'm glad AoU is done. Its the first big event I haven't read since Civil War. I read the first issue of Age of Ultron, and it was exactly what I expected. A big event that will just pull out a reset button, and not effect anything since it didn't actually happen. Well, ok, I suppose somethung did happen. I mean, I bet it was better than age of X (which I only read all of because after reading the first part I needed to see how it ended, and it was probably more pointless than AoU). Aou atleast introduced some random character that I guess used to be in Spawn and put Galactus on a multiverse roadtrip to the Ultimate U. Thats less than even what Chaos War did (and it did very little) but much more than Age of X, so I guess they didn't completely fail.
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