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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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That's the common sense sci fi that was horrifically absent from Prometheus. That movie had so much potential but it fell into the same trap as NuTrek (only more so) of wanting it's principle characters to be shoe-horned in wherever possible. It's heroine was performing ludicrous feats of acrobatics after major surgery and the only character with anything resembling common sense for most of the movie forgot to run sideways at the end David was amazing though.
This was the first mission to an alien planet, and Shaw was doing what she did because the machine that stitched her up was that good. Give me a break about how bad it was, they're explorers, for frack's sake.

Here's a review that destroys most of the bitching and whining about Prometheus: Death by a Thousand Nitpicks? Prometheus (2012) and the critical reception by John Kenneth Muir
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