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12th Doctor Changes - Predictions

So we're probably only a few months from knowing who our new Doctor will be after Matt Smith leaves - but what do YOU think will stay the same? What will change? Are you expecting older, younger, same/similar age? Will Clara hang around for a while or be replaced by someone new? Will the TARDIS control room change again? Will he get a new Sonic screwdriver? Will the new Doctor NOT use a Sonic?

I've been sitting here looking at my 9th/10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver and my 11th Doctor's Sonic and thinking just how 'aggressive' the 11th's Sonic was - sure it's got a lot more features than the last 2 Doctor's, but do you think the next one will use the same Sonic or will it be revamped again? Maybe a return to a smaller, less aggressive sonic or something maybe a bit more akin to River Song's sonic. I kinda liked that almost trigger guard ring that it had.

I DO see at least a few small changes to the TARDIS control room - honestly I'd like to see a more functional and less "fanciful" TARDIS control room - I mean let's face it, Matt Smith's control rooms really have very little logic - the new one is much more "control room" than that funhouse, random crap control room he had when he got the new TARDIS room.

While I do enjoy the more "Alien" aspects of the Doctor's tech, it would be nice to see more functional looking things, not like a water tank or a desk paper weight being "vital" parts of the control deck.

As for the Doctor himself - I'd sort of like to see at least slightly older - or at least slightly more mature yet still quirky and fun. More driven in terms of actually accomplishing things and being believable as a sort of alien engineer/scientist. One thing I always did like about Eccleston's and Tennant's Doctors was that they were almost like alien anthropologists that studied humanity, enjoyed hanging with them and felt protective of them, but the way they'd step back and go "that's what's great about you humans!" and have this big grin. Matt Smith's... he seemed the most "alien" of all the Doctors really. Like he would have been perfect in the 3rd Rock from the Sun cast lol.

I honestly wouldn't mind seeing a bit of a love triangle form between 12 and Clara and River. I mean I do honestly think that the Doctor has the same kind of fascination and hots for Clara that 10 had for Rose. Like really, he knows he and River are going to be married 'sometime' and that she's totally got the hots for him - but at the same time, I think he really wants to at least spend a lifetime with an Earth girl that challenges and excites and just makes him happy. Since we haven't heard about Clara being replaced yet - I think it's safe to say that she'll be like Rose in that she was the companion for 2 Doctors and two Series with return re-visits - but I do like the idea that she's helped all the other 10 previous Doctors out at some point. I kept hoping she was a regen of a future River - but then again River does sort of work best as an enigma.
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