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Re: Can I suggest an Art Contest?

I don't remember any goatees; I do remember a comment that it would be easier to tell if there were goatees.

The problem I see with non-Trek "mirror universe" art is that you need a baseline. With Trek, it's easy - add goatees (which I have to say, look smashing on the babes!) - okay, maybe it takes a bit more, but we see a lot of MU starships and uniforms and even characters, and it's clear what is going on. Stargate has the quantum mirror and numerous other ways of showing us alternate SGCs and Earths, but so far, I haven't seen anything terribly overt, like, say, the entire SG-1 team as Go'a'uld System Lords, robes and all. With other sci-fi, it's even harder - how do we recognize MU hobbits, or other concepts or franchises? I don't see any problems with occasional challenges that go outside Trek, but I think they need to have certain recognizable aspects to provide a basis for judgment; if we get too broad, then we start to lose that ability to judge how well the objectives have been addressed.
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