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Re: Genesis Question

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A statement was made in this thread. I asked for an explanation. If the best you can do is tell me to go look up another thread, well, kiss my kewpie doll right on the toe.

If asking for clarification of a statement made in a post in this thread is derailing it, then I'm all for it.
If you'd read what was said, it was said that it would derail this thread by at least a half a page. Apparently it's quite the essay.

Again, this is how forums work, I've been involved in forums since the mid-90s which includes moderating them.

Subjects are grouped by topics for a reason. Furthermore, the web is made of up hyperlinks, dynamic content, etc. for a reason. It's expected that you will jump from topic to topic.

It's really no insult nor does it brake any netiquette rules to tell you to jump over to another topic for expanded details.

I mean really the initial statement that was made was pretty inflammatory and you took the bait.

Remember this isn't an in-person academic debate. These are threaded topics.
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