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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Well, Ilia could have remained in uniform rather than in a robe so short that she had to have her ears waxed. But the robe was one of the things on which they sold the movie - I had a lot of posters with Stephen Collins and Persis posing back in the seventies...
Showing skin is sexist?
Lol - where have you been? Some people take the view that the frequent display of lady skin unnecessarily can be deemed sexist. Ripley did love stripping down to her undies though, didn't she? Personally, I think it's all in the context and showing skin is a minor infringement as long as the character overall functions well. Barbarella takes it a bit too far...

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I'm still not clear what it was you think she should have done instead.
Not freeze, for example.
Did she freeze? She looked like she was working the controls and liaising with Starfleet. She only stepped back when Scotty came on the scene because he's far more qualified than she is.

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Do you think the NuChekov scene was sexist too?
No. That scene plays differently.
What do you see as different? Is it just the emotional state of the operator?

Is it worth noting that the malfunction isn't Rand's fault and there was nothing that she, Starfleet, Kirk, or Scotty could do. In NuTrek the transporter operator can't do the job with operational equipment.
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