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Re: Taylor Swift, Why The Hate?

I can't say I'm a fan of her music, but...

I worked five years at a job where I went around to different stores and counted their inventory, so I spent a huge amount of time in places like CVS, or Stop & Shop, or Sears completely subject to their radio.

Every time Taylor Swift came on, it meant that none of the thousands of options that were much, much worse came on. No Michael Buble, no whiny falsetto boy. For three minutes, my ears will not be in horrible pain. So I owe her a debt of gratitude.

I think Taylor Swift just wasn't ready to handle the tabloids when she became famous.

To me 'country' means Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Gram Parsons, Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams. This new country-pop is just a bunch of fake cowboys singing about America and small towns being awesome and blonde teenagers singing about guys being horny.
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