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Re: Genesis Question

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Umm, I think Sran was doing you a service: the argument on why exactly Kirk is a card-carrying murderer is summarized in a post that is about half a page long...

Timo Saloniemi
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If I wanted to look up an answer in another thread I wouldn't have asked for clarification in this one.
I've not been here long and would prefer not to involve myself in feuds that existed before I signed up. That's why I didn't say anything here.

No feud that I'm aware of ... but hey. Thanks for the help, guys.

Now Timo, if you'd care to elaborate on why you say James T. Kirk is a killer for hire I'd love to know. As far as I know he's a decorated hero of Starfleet and the Federation, many times over.

And no, I'm not going to search for the answer.

If you're going to throw something out there, at least quote yourself.
Sorry but what you're asking to do is basically get the thread totally off topic by going down that route. In my experience, in regards to forum etiquette, it's perfectly reasonable to point out the thread where the other topic's discussion is ongoing.
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