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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Ripley was plenty girly. She screamed. But she also braved danger, hit the airlock button, and otherwise did what had to be done, even though she was scared. Heck, the audience was scared. I assume they made Lambert that way, to make the point by contrast. Screaming is OK, but freezing isn't.

(P.S. You hacked up my post. The word is "pwned". I meant that. )
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Although Lambert was generally annoying and whined a lot, it's easy to overlook that she was an officer, a navigator, and was one of the crewmen who went out on the landing party.

The thing I love was when Ripley refused to let them back on the ship. That's the common sense sci fi that was horrifically absent from Prometheus. That movie had so much potential but it fell into the same trap as NuTrek (only more so) of wanting it's principle characters to be shoe-horned in wherever possible. It's heroine was performing ludicrous feats of acrobatics after major surgery and the only character with anything resembling common sense for most of the movie forgot to run sideways at the end David was amazing though.
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