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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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These two posts of yours are so full of crap.

You really shouldn't lecture anyone about the supposed sexism you see in STID when you completely ignore the blatant sexism pictured in that scene in TMP.
Possibly - I think I just don't understand the nature of your comparison. I certainly wouldn't say it was 'blatant' compared to, say, Ilia's bath robe,
How the hell was that sexist?

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because Scotty has a history of being better than any other crewman with transporters and Kirk is shown to be barging his way in on everybody's turf (including Scotty's) throughout the first half of the movie. It's consistent with the established skill sets and motivations of the characters.

Do you think it was sexist because Rand was emotional?
No. The character acted weak. Traditionally womanly. Nearly Damsel-in-distress-like.
Yes. Kirk pisses all over the place. But Decker, Scott, McCoy at least argued with him. She just took it and stepped back to let the man handle the situation.

None of the female characters in STID acted that way.
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