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Re: Microsoft planning complete reversal of DRM policy for Xbox One

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You are too funny!

No shit a multi-billion dollar company wants your money, that's why they are making a new Xbox.

And Sony never tried to fuck with you? They knowing made PS2s with a defective part because they figured if it breaks you have to buy a new one. They were filed like 26 cents for it and won in the end.

All companies will fuck with you if it would make them a buck. These are companies, they are not your friend.

I'm amazed MS did it so quickly, but they had to stop the bleeding.
I know all major companies are blood sucking swines but Sony seems like the lesser asshole and therefore for not bending me over and trying to shaft me, they get my custom.

BTW my PS2 worked just fine full stop ty, never had to replace it.
No they're not.. they just figured that positioning themselves as the Anti-MS company and appearing as massively consumer friendly they stand to gain more than following in MS footsteps.. and on top of that you get the fun of pissing on MS's leg.

I honestly doubt there's a single exec at Sony who has the gamer at heart.. i bet most of them, if any, game at all so they have no real understanding of the culture. They base their decision on hard facts.. numbers they get from marketing research, production costs, projected sales with different methods etc. and they apparently came to the conclusion that going against MS was the best bet (and they were right).

Personally i don't trust both of them fully but for me the PS4 just is the better gaming package right now.. 100 cheaper, no mandatory camera (and i don't need/want it) and i don't care much about exclusives because most games will be cross platform due to so few franchises being truly exclusive and i can live without them.

No one knows if these superawesome, Minority Report style commands really work like that (first Kinect promised so much and in the end people just looked like total idiots in front of the TV) and we also don't know what kind of TV offerings there will be in Europe (i really don't give a crap about the NFL).

All i want is a gaming machine and i'm not willing to pay for extras i don't want right now.. best deal is i can buy them after if some game or feature pops up i'd really like to try but apparently the XBO won't even work without Kinect 2.

So right now PS4 it still is but i love how fast the Internet brought down MS.. they must have become really scared and frightened by all the negative backlash but the damage is already done. They now have a negative image and them pulling back just reveals how utterly weak they really are and how abysmal their business plan was.

Just shows how the customer can break any company by targetting their most valuable point.. the bottom line. If enough customers bitch and in the end don't buy the product any company will change their mind.. MS is just learning this hard lesson.
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