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Re: Marvel planning Guardians of the Galaxy movie!

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I've already read Age of Ultron 10 which is when Angela enters the Marvel Universe, and it's pretty obvious that her complete history in the Image Universe with Spawn is still completely intact... Although her powers seem to be based upon the existence of the judochristian Heaven and Hell, which could be problematic if the Christians are wrong in 616.
So does that mean that the Spawn Universe now exists in the same multiverse as the Marvel ones?
It always has.

There's just armies of lawyers stalking the membranes between some universes in the multiverse.

Spawn personally has previously met up with Cerebus, Batman, Gen 13, Archie, Bone, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Savage Dragon, Spawn, Madman, The Maxx, Hellboy, Monkeyman and O'Brien, Shi, Strangers in Paradise, Wolverine, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miracle Man, and Witchblade among others.
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