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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Number of Transporter Rooms (appendix)

This is the part I originally wanted to have in the Deck 6 comment, too, but thought I might get to it later after giving everybody a “reading break”.

According to The Making of Star Trek this was the idea and concept laid out at the end of the chapter on the Enterprise
  • 4 personnel transporters as seen in the series
  • 2 cargo transporters
  • 5 emergency personnel transporters (each capable of transporting 22 people, only for “ship-abandoning emergency”)
Regarding personnel transporters we saw at least 2 distinctively different ones in the series: One with food synthesizer / landing party equipment elevators which did not have the star chart (“Tomorrow Is Yesterday” and “This Side of Paradise”) and the ones from the end of Season Two on with the extra monitoring console and sometimes a viewscreen (distinction only possible in shots revealing the back wall of the corresponding transporter room). Considering the variations of the transporter rooms with the monitoring console there may be more than one of those Season Two / Three types.

The Making of Star Trek doesn’t give us any idea about the cargo transporter, other that interplanet freight is stored in the engineering hull which presumably hinted its location.

Do these look different? Can these also carry living beings?

In “Dagger of the Mind” we saw actual cargo transport in action, but the transporter looked exactly like the personnel one and was quite obviously capable of transporting the stowaway Dr. van Gelder. Working his way up to the Bridge he somehow passed Engineering Deck 14 (there are 16 E-decks), which suggests the cargo transporter to be really down below in the engineering hull, same as the one that brought Mudd and his women aboard (he referred to them as “cargo” but that apparently wasn’t the reason to use such a transporter ).

So there is no reason to assume that he cargo transporter looks any different than the personnel transporter, other than it’s usually used to transport cargo and not people like in “Mudd’s Women” and “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” but those two were rather exceptional cases rescuing people in an emergency situation.

Consequently I had put these on the (close to final) draft for Engineering Deck 14 and believe that these had been the first personnel/cargo transporters on Pike’s Enterprise, respectively transporters 1 and 2, before the crew complement was boosted from 203 to 430 crew members and thus required additional transporters in the saucer hull.

A good and rather inevitable question would naturally be why the evacuation transporters (my latest proposal) for the cabins on Engineering Deck 12 would be “3C” or “3F” in the saucer and not “1P(ort)” and “2S(tarboard)” on E-Deck 14, but considering that 400 crewmen were apparently busy below E-Deck 12 in “Day of the Dove” and that there was noticable traffic on E-Deck 14 in “Dagger of the Mind” I hope that this doesn’t necessarily qualify as rationalization overdrive (although it is admittedly close to one). Oops…I just realize that I killed the two transporter rooms on E-Deck 10 (and now have to find another explanation how they got Nomad to the nearest transporter room).

In another thread we discussed the identical appearance of 6 pad personnel transporters with the only other TOS variety being one with 2 pads seen in “Court Martial” and “Trouble With Tribbles”.

It was suggested that the transporter is such a complicated, delicate and maintenance-intensive device, that for ease of maintenance (difficult enough as it is) these only come in the two aforementioned varieties and because of the amount of maintenance required you always need at least a minimum of two (one to use while the other is off for maintenance purposes), therefore and simply put the “transporter room” mentioned in any episode happens to be one that is currently not shut down for reasons of maintenance but ready for immediate use.

This leaves us with an elephant in the room which is the enigmatic 22 pad personnel emergency transporter mentioned in The Making of Star Trek (and illustrated by FJ) but definitely never seen nor mentioned in the series. “The Trouble With Tribbles” would have been a good opportunity to at least mention it by name (and leave it to our imagination what it might look like) to establish its existence, just as its TAS sequel but that didn’t happen. Thus I have the audacity to ask what is it good for?

To be of practical use, this special transporter most definitely requires an adjacent M Class planet, space station or spaceship to where you can actually beam your personnel, thus the emergency has to be a “favorable” one, despite that there are already other personnel transporters on the ship and this type would just do the same job, only somewhat faster, yet presumably require regular and time-intensive maintenance just to be prepared for such an eventuality.

But in several episodes where the Enterprise was in severe danger of burning up in the atmosphere of an M Class planet, we did not become once aware of any preparations to save a large part of the crew by beaming it down to a planet capable of sustaining human and Vulcan life.
The only life saving rescue efforts we became aware of was the separation of the saucer hull from the warp nacelles and probably the engineering hull in “The Apple” and “The Savage Curtain”.

Thus I’m inclined to consider the 22 pad emergency transporter as a fancy idea they had at the beginning of the series, but one they didn’t really pursue and which therefore became somewhat obsolete and therefore also didn’t have a comeback in either the movies or spin-off series. But I’m open to listen to suggestions to the contrary.

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