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Re: Size of starfleet?

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Well it is stated in undiscoverd country that ships and stations can be moth balled.
And it took Starfleet 20 years before they built a new Enterprise after the Enterprise-C was destroyed, but only a few years between Ent-D and Ent-E.
It's likely closer to just one year. The Enterprise-D was presumably destroyed in 2371 and the Enterprise-E was launched in 2372 (which would validate LaForge's comment in First Contact that the ship had been in service for nearly a year already).

As far as the long period of time between the Enterprise-C and the Enterprise-D, that could be a result of Starfleet wanting to honor the loss of that ship and its crew for awhile before launching her successor (even so, Starfleet may have announced early on that the Enterprise name would eventually continue with a new ship of the then only proposed Galaxy-class).
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