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Re: Anti-Borg technology and tactics

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I'll take "WTF?" for 300, Alex.
I dont get you?
Me too. Now we have our own little group. :P

Ok it my explination for why the Borg did there time travel thing in FC.

The Cube was sent to the Federation on a half arsed attempt to assimilate the feds as useal.

But on the way to earth the war with 8472 in the delta quadrant went sour. So the Cube on the way to earth was ordered to assimialte anything of use that starfleet had then loaded with the latest borg goodies send a sphere back in time.

300 years in the past the sphere would assimilate earth just cause it can (may as well take the feds out before they start, plus they already have assimilated there latest stuff before they went back in time) and then make contact with the past borg (especialy as that was one of there goals when assimilating the Ent E). Once they made contact with the past borg they could transfer all the lasted stuff to them resulting in a borg ending up 300 more advanced than they should be. With that knowlage they could be better prepared for when they pick a fight with 8472 or just stay the hell away from fluidic space all together.

The reason the borg didnt try again was most liley voyager came along shortly after and offerd a far safer option than messing anout with time.

That would explain why the borg do not use time travel as standard practice. They know it is dangrous to screw with the past and its only used as a very last resort. Like when they encounter a speices that have single ships that can blow 15 cubes up in one go and cant be assimilated or adapted to.

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