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Re: Is Klingon honor a bunch of hooey?

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I think the only reason Worf was the way he was, is that because he grew up away from any Klingons.
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I have sometimes wondered if Worf isn't the best representative of the Klingons, so much as he is representative of what they should be. As a Klingon who grew up "off world" he holds himself to a much higher ideal than those back on Qu'onos.
So Worf is the Superman of the Trek universe ?
I hadn't really thought about it that way. But yeah, it's not an unfair comparison. More accurately, I suppose, his upbringing has similarities to that of Clark Kent.

Worf is a pariah in both societies really. But more so the Klingons, ironically enough.
You could say Worf was something of an odd ball because He took everything in Klingon honor tradition seriously.

When he and Kehlar had sex in the holodeck, he instantly wanted to get married according to tradition. Kehlar got freaked out, and said it was what it was--great sex in a holodeck.

He didn't speak to his own son for 4 years, because he said he led a 'warrior's life' - even Martok thought something was wrong with that.

You could call Worf super conservative when it came to Klingon honor.

Other Klingons seemed to have had more liberal views when it came to sex, fighting and politics--but Worf was more rigid about it all.
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