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Re: Let's get back to Roddenberry's trek

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... a starship with a very diverse crew exploring the Galaxy together in an idealized future.
I would substute the word "optimistic" for idealized.


Well, you're still talking about one man's personal idea of the future, or rather, "the future according to Gene Roddenberry."

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As a religious man, Roddenberry's Trek would bother me.
Whatever personal feelings Roddenberry may have had, with Trek he stressed that people were free to believe in whatever religion they wanted, including no religion (the exception seemed to be with religions in which some super computer or machine following corrupted programming was in charge).
By a strange coincidence I watched Balance of Terror last night, and Kirk acknowledges during the teaser that they recognized numerous faiths.
Yeah, despite his own feelings about religion, there are more indications than not that it was alive and well in Trek since TOS. He may have recanted that in later interviews, but it really doesn't stick, IMO.
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