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Re: How about a captain Pike(bruce Greenwood) series?

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So, wait, you're saying the new time line ...
Would the average viewer, likely not a hard core Trek fan, really know (or care) if the new series was set in the old or new timeline?

... which has produced the two biggest Star Trek movies ever
The box office? Adjusted for inflation ... no.

which drives people away simply because of the massive bucket of existing Canon that scares people off ..
Setting the new series in the Romulan War era, late 22nd century or early/middle 23rd century would nicely fix that.

, and that same Prime Timeline also killed Star Trek with Staleness.
It wasn't the time period the show as set in, the "staleness is the fault of the production team and the writers.

A new series, strattled with the same difficulty, would have the same problems, regardless of what universe or time period in which it was set.

The folks holding the purse strings will look at the failure of Nemesis and Insurrection and Enterprises (The Series) and then look at today's Star Trek and blow raspberries at setting it in the Continuity burdened Prime Timeline. Sure, the audience wouldn't know going in, but, they'd figure it out in a big hurry and bail, just like they did with DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. And of course, the General Audience will care if it's set in the Prime Time Line, because they won't understand half of what's going on. There is no reason to use the Prime Timeline if you're not going to use the Continuity.

Maybe I'm wrong about ST'09 being higher gross than TMP, it's not important enough to research, but, STID is definitely higher than TMP, and STID and ST'09 blow away the figures for Insurrection and Nemesis, and pile Enterprise on top of that, and it will turn the money people off. If anyone wants to spend money making the Series, they are going to want to go where the money currently is.

General Audience is afraid of Star Trek on TV because of the Continuity, that is a simple fact, they won't lose that fear without it being proven to them that it's not a problem, but, if it's set in the Prime Universe, they will know it and bail.

Again, I am not against a Prime Time Line Series, I would definitely watch it, but, Sran's post suggests a new time line Series would drive the audience away, because a small fraction of the Core Audience doesn't like the new Movies, and then he/she goes on to suggest a prime Time Line Series would have people clamoring to it, when it's already been proven (as far as the money folks are concerned) that a Prime Time Line Series will do exactly the opposite.
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