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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

Dorian Thompson wrote: View Post
They gave it away in game six and couldn't get it back. Miami rewarded again. Isn't it heartwarming?
Uh, no. The Spurs blew the series in game 4.That is when they ensured that in order to win the championship, they would need to win 2 games on the Heat's home floor. As I have written here before, when two teams are as evenly matched as these two were, don't expect either to lose two home games in the Finals.

You also seem to be laboring under the impression that the Heat are SO much more talented than the Spurs. This is a myth. Beyond LeBron, who do the Heat have to match Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, and Gary Neal? Shane Battier? Duncan is still a better center than Bosh. Parker is a better point guard than Chalmers.

This reminds me of what the haters used to do when the Lakers won. "Of course they won, look at all their talent". But when hater fan's team beat the Lakers it was, "that's cause all they have are Shaq and Kobe".
Dorian Thompson wrote: View Post
Think about it, though. How long can Wade's knees hold out? Not much longer. At least when my Thunder lost it was due to them not matching up well, and them not having a strong enough inside game and just generally not being as good as the Heat. Thunders wins one, Heat win four straight. That's the way it goes.
Wade needs to go the Germany and have the Orthokine treatments to his knees. Kobe had it done twice and last season he looked like he'd shed at least 5 years.
San Antonio had the fuckers from South Beach beat. They had the championship grazing their fingertips even though they were old, somewhat rickety and not as talented from top to bottom of the roster. They had it.
SA didn't have squat "beat". They stopped playing with 28 seconds more regulation game time. In the pressure cooker, when you are playing on the road against the defending champs, you can't stop playing until the final whistle. Had the Spurs been at home, they'd be celebrating a championship right now. They can thank their game 4 performance for their predicament.
Neroon wrote: View Post
There is little doubt LeBron has shed the image of choker. He's not quite up to Jordan or Kobe levels yet, due to fewer championships and a lesser "killer" mentality like they had. BUT three straight finals and two straight titles, with sick averages for LeBron in the last two removes most of the legitimate reasons for the harangues.
Agree. If you are who you say you are, then this is what you do; silence the haters on the court. If you love basketball, you have to at least respct LeBron.

Congrats to the Heat and LeBron. They played like champions.
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