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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

Wow... Just wow... What a thread...

You'd think FJ had killed someone's puppy the way he's being maligned here.

I have to go with the point that his blueprints and manual were so popular and well-received at the time, and that they were put in the g---amn Smithsonian, as giving them credibility. As for the whole canon/non-canon debate, and whether his layout was "inaccurate" by show standards - anybody out there who is trying to produce their own deck plans knows that at some point you run out of source material... In other words, you can pack in all the sets you see in the show, and there are still dozens of decks and hundreds of rooms that NOBODY knows exactly what is in there.

So.. To those who seem hell-bent on poo-pooing FJ as a merely a "Lost in Space fan", whose work should be discarded because GR eventually did an about face on the whole blueprints deal, I call shenanigans... His is the only work I have seen that really and truly provides a realistic and complete depiction of a 24-deck interstellar starship, with total redundancies in both upper and lower hulls to allow for separation and autonomous operation of both hulls, as well as the various necessary recreation and storage facilities and large amount of accommodations necessary for a crew of 400+.

I don't find the idea of a swimming pool or a bowling alley implausible at all, in fact I would question a ship design that didn't have such amenities... Since no holodeck technology existed at the time of TOS (I'm talking in the show, not through retconning ST: Enterprise canon), the crew would need real-world exercise and recreation areas, some in the lower hull and some in the upper hull. Water is a natural and effective rehabilitating environment for injuries, etc that may occur during a long voyage, it is not odd at all that one would think of putting a pool into a ship of this size.

A colleague and I have been building and rebuilding a walkable version of the TOS Enterprise for 5 years now, in the Torque game engine. Regardless of the fact that we are the first and so far only people to ever produce something like this and actually RELEASE it to the public, there is a large amount of backlash over our use of FJ's blueprints as a model for our ship... Apparently we are not being "accurate" enough... Now I don't take offense to any of this, to each their own, but I am really surprised at all the lines in the sand I see on this board, which seem to be so totally polar opposite of Trek-inspired philosophy. You'd think that any chance to walk this ship, even with an individual artist's changes they have to make in order for things to actually fit and MAKE SENSE, would be a dream come true for any fan. Personally, I wish all the other people doing such plans and 3D models would release their work as well - there are many ways to interpret the Enterprise, there is no way to be 100% accurate because so much of the ship was NEVER SHOWN. I would love to walk many different versions of the ship, seeing how different artists interpret it. To spend all this time on arguing such trivial points that can never be 100% answered definitively seems to go against the whole Trek philosophy.

Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong

Can't we all just get along?

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