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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

I'm hoping this turns out to be good, but for me it has an uphill battle. The CGI is pretty bad. Not Green Lantern TAS bad (everyone in that show looked like they were made from clay, they seemed to hate detail on the characters) but honestly the design of Batman is probably worst than anything i saw in GL. Some of the more bizarre choices (Katana instead of robin, highlighting stupid villains like the Pig and Toad guys I've never even heard of) are also working against it. Still, if its well written and entertaining, I can ignore that stuff. I just hope every week isn't another bizarre/obscure/lame Batman villain, and that we get some of the classics in there. Probably not Joker because I think a CGI joker in that style would just be horrifying (although probably still better than the abomination used in The Batman ) but Mr. Freeze, Riddler, etc would be cool. The video didn't fill be with confidence, but I'll definately give it a chance.
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