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Re: should moffat step down

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As speculation for the next doctor goes on moffat has sighned on for the next season. I was wondering what people here thought about moffat being in charge of season 8. I have heard that a lot of people think that moffat is spreading himself to thin with sherlock and that it is time for someone new to be incharge. Also if he was to step down who would you want to replace him i have heard some people think gaiman would do a good job.
I'd like to see Moffat leave soon, I don't like his style. But it seems unfair that we're stuck with him throughout Smiths era and the 50th, so we might as well endure him for one more series.

I think Gaiman would be an awful choice, he's only done two episodes, two average (in my mind) episodes. Doctors Wife was average (I re-watched it and revaluated it. I don't hate it, but I don't really like it much either. Idris was fucking annoying though), and Silver Nemesis was okay, but it failed to make the cybermen scary again. And they look plastic or fibre glass.

I think Mark Gatiss could work as a replacement. Mayve. He did write Cold War, one of the best Smith stories ever.

I'd also like to see some new blood though. Someone who would modernise doctor who.
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