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The running theory on the 'swim board is that 21 will go back to his online business; I'm thinking he'll either turn OSI/Sphinx or he'll start Arching as "The Viceroy".
They seem to be making it pretty clear that 21 is now one of the good guys so I don't see him going arch on anyone.

If anything, my theory's been that, given his pretty easy friendship with Hank and Dean, he'll be trained as a replacement bodyguard for if/when Brock leaves for good.

I notice that this past week's episode had Rusty make a comment that 21 is actually doing a better job guarding the Venture compound than Hatred does.

Monarch and Mrs. The Monarch really need to get some resolution with the whole Arching Doc. angle and reveal what's got him so pissed at Rusty
I don't know if this is WHY the Monarch is so pissed but I'd bet my left nut that Monarch is Rusty's long lost brother and, therefore, another of the many "Venture brothers."
They had a possible hint that effect in this week when Monarch found a picture of him playing with Rusty when they were both kids and Monarch having no memory of it happening and/or why they were together.
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