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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Smallville: Season 11 #52 - Argo Part 8 came out today and my hungry eyes devoured it like the tasty eye candy that it is! My thoughts on this issue are quite brief because the issue itself was quite brief.

Well... that's not true. The issue was the same size as any other issue of Smallville but the pacing of this issue was brisk. It was mostly action. Large panels packed fulla punch. It was a quick read that flew by at a pace faster than that of a speeding bullet.

There was a fair amount of Doomsday action in this issue. It wasn't quite the epic Superman/Doomsday fight I was hoping for but considering this is part 8 of a 9 part story that really wasn't ever gonna happen. I just have to readjust my expectations accordingly. What was there was nice. It wasn't so much Superman against Doomsday so much as it was Superman rallying the people of New Krypton to stand up against their destroyer.

I will say that Doomsday seems a whole helluva lot less formidable in Argo than he did in the original comics or even than he was on Smallville. It may just be that Superman is a lot more experienced now than he was on the show so Doomsday just isn't as much of a challenge. I dunno. I'll chalk that up to "Adaptation Decay". Not that anything in this book is rotten mind you but...

The trope does apply.

For me the best part of the issue was Booster Gold. I like how he's gone from the arrogant poser he was on the series to a guy on the verge of proving himself a true hero. His moments with Skeets in this issue rang true and were quite endearing. I'm hoping Booster gets his own arc soon-teamed up with Jaime-assuming he survives Argo which...

Is not necessarily a given.

The Kryptonians revenge for the Doomsday attack is appropriately brutal and leaves us with a cliffhanger that leaves the future of Earth in peril and has me panting for next weeks finale.

See ya then!
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