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Re: It's weird, I have only one complaint about ST (2009)...

I'm not disputing that, under the circumstances, we can forgive NSpock for a moment of saying, "**** these guys, **** their ship, and **** their survival/dignity as sentient beings." It's a very human moment and, again, hilarious.

I also think that NKirk offering him the hand of survival (if followed by arrest) was a little TOO mature for NKirk, given we know he's the most immature man in the Quadrant. So, having Spock rather easily talk him out of it was good.

It's just I felt the scene was kind of "there" and seemed to be rejoicing in destroying an enemy when Star Trek usually rises above that. It's why I prefer Into Darkness, as Kirk taking Khan prisoner and putting him in cryostasis for the rest of his life works on both a justice level as well as a personal retribution one.

(Admittedly, Khan's crimes were a far lesser magnitude)
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